Here’s a Visual Showing the Impact of Misclassification Claims

(Not this visual. Keep reading!)

Last week I was in Boston, spending time with many of my favorite people at our BakerHostetler Labor and Employment Group Retreat. I always enjoy spending time with the people in our other offices. They are wonderful, kind, smart, and a joy to be around.

As part of the programing, each practice team leader gave a six-minute TED-style talk. In my session about the Contingent Workforce Practice Team, I included a slide that I wanted share here.

We sometimes hear from companies that they don’t think they’re at risk for an independent contractor misclassification claim. They sometimes say, we’ve been doing it this way forever, and we haven’t been sued.

To that I would say, you mean you haven’t been sued yet.

Here’s what can happen when companies get sued for independent contractor misclassification.

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