Lessons From Cambodian Dancing Arrests: Don’t Draw Extra Attention to Your Independent Contractors

Tips for avoiding independent contractor misclassification claims

Screenshot from telegraph.co.uk

Ten European tourists face up to a year in Cambodian prison after being arrested for “pornographic dancing,” according to The Telegraph. Apparently, they went to a villa barbeque party and took pictures of themselves, clothed, dancing in suggestive poses.

Readers take notice: When barbequeing in Cambodia, do not draw unneeded attention to yourself by simulating sex positions and posting the pictures on social media.

When dealing with independent contractors, it’s also a good idea not to draw unnecessary attention to the situation. Some kinds of activities create particular risks of a misclassification claim, in which the independent contractor could be deemed an employee.

For example:

  • Giving your contractor a company email address can create the impression that the contractor is your business’s employee. Try to avoid that.
  • Requiring your contractor to wear a company uniform or badge should be avoided when possible. If it’s necessary to show your contractor’s affiliation with your business (such as for a delivery person), try using different attire that specifically identifies the person as a contractor.
  • Converting an employee to a contractor can draw the IRS’s attention in a 1099 audit. When an individual gets a W-2 and a 1099 in the same year, that can raise an eyebrow.

And, finally, a cautionary note to contractors: If the business that retained you is holding an employees-only villa barbeque dance party in Cambodia, it’s best not to attend.

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